Online Shopping

I just got into the online shopping wagon recently and so far, I’ve purchased a few stuff that have exceeded my expectations! Here are my top two choices amongst the few I’ve collected so far!


This iPhone 5 case from paperplanesmanila is one of my very first purchases! I was looking for a case that can be customised to whatever design that I like and I’m glad I had found this online shop on Instagram! The owner was a classmate of mine back in high school so it wasn’t hard for me to break from my shy character. If you want a customised case of your own, head on over to the account! Just click over the link above! 


These sunnies are a recent addition to my online-bought products! I got them from mixnmatch together with two others, which I bought for my friend! This shop offers affordable high-quality sunnies and specs! I’m not kidding! I’m the type of girl who doesn’t spend a lot of money, especially on expensive things, but with this though, I’m not regretting anything! Come check it out as well if you’re hunting for beautiful eye candy for summer! (P.S. I heard it’s having a giveaway right now!)

To more successful online shopping in the future! Woot!

Chanced upon

During our class in Advanced Photography, I chanced upon my best friend with this expression, which I proclaim as her signature pose when I take pictures of her! If I remember correctly, the lights used here are the key, filler and back lights and my camera was set on A/V with my focal length at 55 and the exposure at 1/40. 

P.S. I cheated the camera settings by looking at the photo’s info. Hahaha.

Cara’s 1st Birthday Party

If you remember my post introducing the little girl I had in my arms, this post is all about her highly anticipated first birthday party! It had been prepared for since December 2013 and the actual event was held at March 15, 2014, 4 days after the birthday of Cara.

I took a panoramic photo of the venue when we arrived and you can see that the entire court was filled with brightly colored tables and decorations. I especially loved the giant “CARA” display right next to the stage!

Here’s a closer look!

There weren’t much people arriving yet and I took the chance to take a photo near it! I opted for a tube dress for the party’s Hello Kitty Hawaiian theme to prevent me from sweating too much under the summer sun. (this serves as an #ootd hahaha)

Meet my parents! Don’t they look absolutely adorable?

Cara’s mother approached my parents to have a little chat and while I was waiting for our other family friends to arrive, I looked up and saw this perfect sky! Thankful that God had blessed that day with great weather since the venue was open. 

From family friend to being a ‘kinakapatid’! (a Filipino kinship term for godbrother or godsister.) Khayl and I are friends for 5 years now and after his sacramental confirmation last February, we became even closer in terms of relation because my dad became his ‘ninong’ (a Filipino kinship term for godfather). He got to the venue with an aching tummy though but managed to stay and finish the party all because of Cara! Isn’t he the sweetest? After we got that picture together, Cara’s mother asked us to get the birthday celebrant from their house (which is just a few steps away!). 

Let me introduce you to the adorable family of baby Cara! (from left to right:) THE baby Cara, the mother: Cathy, the father: Ryan, the brother: Carye and the sister: Ryeca. :D

The beautiful mothers!! The daddies and I were all taking their photo at the same time so they were all confused on where to look first! Hahaha!

I wanted to take a photo of the venue once again from another perspective (from the buffet table this time since it was time to eat) but Khayl just had to do what he does. :D

After dinner was the magic and bubble show! While the performers were setting up, I took a photo of the most hardworking ‘yayas’ (Filipino for maids) ever! The one in a floral shirt is Ging and she helps in the house of Khayl and Harold while the one in white is Ruby and she helps in our house. Aside from their job, they’re avid fans of taking ‘selfies’ and I wanted to fulfil their selfie for that night! Pretty women!

The day progressed into the night and I believe you haven’t seen a photo of my little sister yet (because she’s been with Ryeca the entire time!) so, here’s one with my parents! Love her face paint!

I just had to satisfy my hipster tendencies. LOL. 

*drum roll* Presenting baby Cara in her second outfit for the party! Don’t you just love to pinch those cheeks? *squeals* 

The party finished by 7:30pm but we all stayed for more photo ops! (*ahem* especially the parents)

Well… The kids were swimming (even Khayl left me behind to jump in the pool) so I was the only one left. (hehehe photograph first, swim later) The straw skirts were originally attached underneath the cloth of the table and somehow, the daddies got the idea to wear them! (laughs until I fell off the chair)

We left the venue by 8:30pm and continued our chatting over the nearest Starbucks! I slept at 2am on that day. 

I’ve had fun at this party, you can definitely see the hard planning placed in this event! Thank you to Cara’s family for inviting us! It was a day to remember! :D

Indulging myself in a selfie cuz I’m thankful for a friend who gave me a pair of earrings!

PS. Scary bear though… Looking like he’s sniffing my hair…

Cuz fisheye lenses! © jazmineb

BTS of our Architectural Photography lecture. 

A shot at my weak photography genre. Architecture.

New things to try at home. Can’t wait for school to be over!!

Took so long to update on this part of my blog but here it is: The final moments in the City of Lost Souls. Enjoy. :)