One thing I really enjoy is that my family, together with our family-friends, would always spend the late nights at a nearby coffee shop after dinner and chat with reckless abandon knowing that it’ll be a holiday the next day. The wee hours of the morning feels very different from any other time because it gives new light to the places you usually go to because at that small span of time, it’s like your at another place, in another world.

A home-made cake with tons of pretty candles for the birthday girl….My mom!!!

Shuffle and Play!

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your music player and write down the first ten songs that pop up. Then, tag ten people. One rule, no skipping!

Magic - Coldplay
Applause - Lady Gaga
Beautiful Goodbye - Maroon 5
Grade 8 - Ed Sheeran
Butterfly - Henry ft. Red Velvet’s Seulgi
Crescendolls - Daft Punk
Can’t Hold Us - PTX
Body - Taeyang
Liquor Store Blues - Bruno Mars
Come Back Home (Unplugged Version) - 2ne1 

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SBSPD: 룸메이트 알찬열매 찬열. 수트입고 헤어샵놀이중.

I don’t reblog a lot, much more if it’s about my bias, but this has got me feeling a lot of things all at once and I don’t know why. Help help help!!!

And do you see how cool he looks like even when he has this hair-styling helmet on?!!!

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Five Random Facts about this small lady here.

*static from the intercom* Ahem… Ladies and gentlemen, I have been messaged by the wonderful throughtheparadox to give out 5 random facts about myself and pass it on to 5 others!

Here they are:

1. I have a mint-colored room.
2. I have 3 medium-sized dream catchers hanging on the three sides of the room.
3. I always dream of other people, whom I don’t know, with their faces blocked by the sunlight.
4. I am a sucker for romance-novel type of successful relationships.
5. I wanna have a 25-inch waistline. Seeing as I am a 28-inch… HUUUU. Just kidding ha ha ha.

Well, aesthetically speaking, you kind of exude the Sherlock feels in this photo. throughtheparadox

Here we go!!…again??


1. Always post the rules.

2. Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones.

3. Tag 11 new people.

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1. How often do you bathe in a day?

- Twice. One in the morning before I start my day and one in the evening before I go to bed.

2. What tattoo would you get yourself if you had to?

- A dragon. It just fascinates me how it’s done on skin.

3. Why do you think we need oxygen?

- /SHINee’s ‘Love like Oxygen’ starts playing in my head/ Hmmm… mainly because we need to breathe? We’ll all die if we don’t have oxygen…

4. Why does the world need to revolve?

- Do you wanna have an eternal day? Or eternal night? We need variations here~~

5. Most stupidest thing you did with your shoes.

- Wore them till the soles ripped themselves off. THAT’S HOW MUCH I USE MY SHOES, OKAY?

6. How long do you want your hair?

- Just in between my collarbones and chest. :)

7. How do you use your underwear? SIDE-A or SIDE-B?


8. How high does the sycamore grow?


9. What would you do if you receive a Hogwarts letter?

- /packs her bags and goes to Hogwarts ASAP./

10. Ear buds or head phones?

- Ear buds. :)

11. Do you want to die once?

- Well, technically speaking, once we die, we’re never gonna resurrect to die again so… we’re all gonna die once. WOW THAT WAS SO DEEP. 


-under construction-


1. Pick your favourite band.

2. Do you stalk that band? 

3. I bet you have your fantasies, so lemme hear ‘em. HAHAHAHA.

4. Do you secretly copy their clothing style? (ahem…because I do… LOL)

5. Who is your favourite band member?

6. Who is the person you relate to the most?

7. What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of ‘out-of-the-box’?

8. Have you kissed someone inside a classroom?

9. Have you slept during class?

10. Have you secretly turned on your laptop after you’ve been put to bed?

11. If you would have 10 hyper-active kids, would you be able to handle them?

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I am tagged once again!


1. Always post the rules. 

2. Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked and write 11 new ones. 

3. Tag 11 new people. 

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Describe yourself in 7 words:
- Is a very complex self-taught freestyler.

Favorite blog and why?
- Tricia Gosingtian’s blog! Her style is unique and consistent and her photography is spot-on!

What would you name your kids?
- Boy: Charles/Charlie
- Girl: Catherine/Jess
Would you like a Korean version of that? HAHA.

Favorite book turned movie?
-None at the moment. But I would like to see ‘Eleanor and Park’ in love action.

Life’s theme song?
-OMG HAHAHA A PILE OF SONGS JUST BURSTED INTO MY HEAD ALL AT ONCE. Uhm… How long will I love you by Ellie Goudling.

If there is a past life, who or what do you think are you?
- An underground rapper. Whaddup.

Ideal man?
- Well, if you take a look at all of the unique characteristics of the K-pop band, EXO, then you’ll get an idea of who my ideal man is. :)

Sporty or Nerdy?
- Sporty.

What would you choose? Dating the boy of your dreams but he would die a year later or suffer from unrequited love for the rest if your life?
- I’d date the man of my dreams and spend every waking moment fulfilling all that we wish until the day he dies and we will have no regrets.

Hidden talent?
- Making random sound effects!

Crazy facts about yourself?
- I act out my favorite scenes of the books I read in my own room.
- I dance with reckless abandon when I feel giddy.
- I’m an admin of an imagine blog. WHADDUP my girls!
- I rap the rap parts in K-pop songs.
- I talk a lot more when I’m nervous.
And a myriad more of things that I can’t think of right now but get to know me personally and you’ll know who I am.

Tagging these people who’ll just like my post! HAHAHA.
-under construction since I’m randomly selecting some of my followers-

1. Your funniest secret that you can share here.
2. Singer/ Band member that you imagine having a relationship with?
3. Sweaters or Blouses?
4. Running in the rain or tanning in the sun? Why?
5. Your reaction when your crush just randomly bursts into your room and yells: LET’S HAVE A CAMPFIRE!!
6. Sleep early or sleep late? Why?
7. Physical book or e-book? Why?
8. Do you cry to really beautifully made songs? Why?
9. The silliest thing you did on Tumblr.
10. Explain to me what you think ‘meeting in the pit’ means.
11. Would you send me some lurv?

It’s been a long time since I’ve updated again~ as cliche as it sounds, it’s all because of the pile of things that I needed to accomplish school-wise and what-I-need-in-my-life-wise.

As an update, I just covered for an event this afternoon (alone though, why is this always happening to me??). It went pretty well considering that it was held at a small, quaint cafe as well as me containing my starstruck feels because of the hoard of famous people who went there. I’ll try to share with you all the article I’ll be making for it so I don’t have to trouble myself with making another one! Which reminds me, I haven’t shared with you all that other article I promised right? Ugh. I admit, I forgot it. Maybe I’ll have that up once this article gets done as well! *crosses fingers that I get to remember it hahaha*

When everything falls into place.

They say that a bright sky will shine after a dark storm. 

Imagine yourself having lived your life in a static manner for 17 years. Go to school, Learn all the subjects, go home, eat and watch anime shows over and over again until all of that changes on your 18th year. You thought you had found love and reveled in it. Little did you realize that it did you no good. Slowly, you got detached from your family and friends, your life became dull as you had lost the humanly spark that you once had pre-relationship. 

After you had decided painfully cut ties with the first man you think you’d given a small ounce of genuine feelings for, you start to look for ways to make life better. Somehow trying to get it back on track and so much more. 

It was happening right in front of your eyes, all at once. The opportunities that you wanted to have were presented to you and you spared no thought of immediately taking it. Your mind goes full speed ahead and these things you thought you would never do, you actually did and that places another point in your confidence meter which leads to a smile on your face which also leads to brighter mindset geared towards a happier you. 

That’s when you realize that everything you want to do to reach that dream has been falling one by one into your life and you just can’t help but say that you’re grateful because of that. 

Yes, there is a bright sky after the storm.